f November 2018 - Globalization Guide

The Different Income Tax Systems Worldwide

An overview of the different tax systems These are the five primary tax systems in the world today: ⭐️ The citizenship-based taxation⭐️ The residential taxation⭐️ The territorial taxation⭐️ The non-dom-system⭐️ No direct taxes There is only one major country in the world that taxes their citizens based on their citizenship, the United States of America. … Read more

Revolut | The Best Banking Solution For Global Citizens

The As of November 2018, we rank Revolut as the best banking solution for nomads and global citizens. It has a very high convenience factor, great security features and a few special attributes that are hard to find elsewhere. Sign up for free and get 15€ General Features of Revolut Revolut already offers its free … Read more


TransferWise Borderless

Click here to open a free TransferWise Borderless account TransferWise Borderless is a free multi-currency account. Features Hold money in more than 40 currencies Receive payments in EUR, USD, GBP, AUD and others Free, contact-less debit card No foreign exchange fees   Regulation TransferWise is authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic … Read more

TransferWise For Business

Free multi-currency account. Acceptance of corporate structures Hongkong Limited: Not accepted (Information verified November 2018)Cyprus Limited: Generally accepted, if UB is EU-resident (Information verified October 2018) Regulation TransferWise is authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations of 2011 (with reference number: 900507)

Strategies For Compliance For Perpetual Travelers

Financial institutions have to comply with many regulatory requirements.Often they require an address verification of their customers for KYC (know-your-customers) purposes. The so called “utility bill” has since become a de-facto standard for address verification.A utility bill is typically a monthly invoice that shows the consumption of utility services during the preceding month.Traditionally this relates … Read more