The Ultimate Guide to Google Fi for Global Citizens

Global: supports more than 170+ countries
Cheap: get 15GB data for 80$
Universal: supports iOS + Android

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Google Fi Basics

Easy to Understand Cost Structure

Google Fi has a simple and straightforward cost structure. Especially compared to other international phone plans.

You pay a monthly fee of 20$ for the Fi basics. Those include a US phone number and cellular coverage in over 170+ countries.

Costs of phone calls and text messages

Receiving and sending text messages is free, worldwide.

How much a phone call costs depends on whether or not we are in the US, and if that phone call uses wifi/data or the cellular network.

Inside the US all incoming phone calls are free. You can also call any number in the US, Canada and Mexico for free.

Outside of the US we have to separate between calls that use the local cellular network or that use wifi/data. Incoming and outgoing calls using the cellular network costs 20c/min. Not super expensive, but not very cheap either.

Incoming call using wifi or data are free.

Outgoing calls using either wifi or data over 3G/LTE vary in their cost. For example to call a cell phone in Germany costs only 1c/min. You can see the complete list here.

Cost for mobile data & bill protection

This is where Google Fi really shines.

You pay 10$/GB of data. That cost stays the same for in all 170+ supported countries. No more expensive roaming fees or local sim cards, any time you switch the country.

Early 2018 Google introduced “bill protection”. This drastically lowered the cost for heavy users.

The first 6 GB are priced at the regular 10$/GB. Afterwards the bill is capped, and you can use additional 9 GB of data without any extra cost. After a total usage of 15GB you can still use data, only at a lower speed.

If you need higher speed, you can activate it again at the regular price of 10$/GB.

In case there are multiple lines activated on the Fi plan, the overall cost per user drops even further.

Multiple Lines and SIM cards

You can add multiple numbers to your Fi plan. You could get your wife, girlfriend, children, employees their number.

All given prices are without taxes. How much additional tax will be added depends on the state the address you used to sign-up is based in. In Miami the tax sum up to around 5$ on an 80$ bill.

Reasons to switch to Fi


Currently there is no comparable phone plan for international travelers like Google Fi. If you’re just looking for cheap data there are some countries where you could save money buying a local sim card. But nothing beats the convenience of arriving in a new country and being able to use your phone right after landing.

Better connection through multicarrier access

Depending on the country you will often be able to more than one available cellular network. You no longer have to chose a certain local provider and then hope that he offers good reception at the place you are staying. Fi will generally give you access to several or all of the local cellular networks.

Verification-Tool: Receive SMS without cellular connection

SMS has become a very important tool for personal and 2-factor-authentification. If you can’t receive SMS, you often can’t log into your online banking, cryptocurrency exchange, or similar services. With Fi you can always receive text messages, as long as you have either cellular or wifi connection.

Still make calls or receive sms if your phone gets lost or stolen

This is another huge beneficial feature for Global Citizens. What happens if you lose your phone or it gets stolen with when using your average sim card? You are temporarily, possibly permanently, no longer able to receive any text messages or make phone calls using that number.

Not so with Fi. Using the Hangouts app you can log into your account on any phone or computer, and receive text messages or make phone calls using your Google Fi number, while you wait for the replacement sim card to reach you.

Customer support provided by Google

The average carriers are among the companies most dispised by consumers, because they tend to have absolutely horrible customer support, Who hasn’t spend hours with their carrier in the past trying to resolve some minor issues.

Now your customer support is being provided by Google. The few times I had to use it, service was absolutely amazing. Quick and very helpful.

The US number can trigger FACTA regulations

In one case the fact that Google Fi is based in the United States can be a downside. Banks and financial institutions can take this as a indicator that you may be a tax resident of the United States and trigger FACTA procedures. That can mean having to fill out US tax forms. Or in some cases it’s not even possible to use your Fi number to sign up for a certain service. These cases are exceptions however. Most of the time there are no issues.

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