Online roulette

The “roulette” is not as demanding as “twenty-one” because the result in it depends on the chance to the greatest possible extent and not on the player’s skill. All the attempts to create the system predicting the winning have not been crowned with success until now. The keen gamblers insist that there are no laws in that spinning of wheel and it runs down only at random. So, you can enjoy playing with destiny making bets and getting money if gods are smiling at you.

About the rules

The main components of the roulette in a land casino are a wheel with small pockets placed in a circle, a ball and layout, used as a betting area. Every pocket has its number and color. The colors – red and black – go one after another. The numbers are indicated in the determined but not consequent order, which is different in American and European roulettes. Besides, the European game differs from American one with a construction of a wheel, number of pockets and number of zeros. If the first variation has only one green pocket marked in “0”, the second one offers two such pockets: “0” and “00”.

The first action is betting. There are different kinds of bets. A player can choose a winning number, a color, several pockets placed close to a winning one and so on. Moreover, there are the tables intended for different stake amounts. When decisions are made and all chips are placed, a dealer warns that no more bets can be made, launches the wheel and throws a ball on it the other way round in such a manner that a ball runs at least three complete circles. The pocket, where it lands, will be the winning one. And the process is completed specifying all the rewards according to the conditions of the stakes made. Now a player can get his cash offering his chips in a cash register.

Advantages of online roulette

Playing roulette online has a range of advantages. You are not to travel anywhere staying at home, saving your time and money that could be spent on transport means. The time of gambling is not restricted if you have the Internet available within the whole day. Here you can allow smaller bets compared to the land casino and if you are lucky enough, even small sum to start with can bring much money. You can be sure in privacy spending time in gambling. Moreover a lot of casinos offer free games without demands to set up a player’s account.

In order to bet you should find chips on your screen and select their denomination corresponding to the desired amount for betting. Most likely you will find the following buttons in your online game: “spin” for launching the wheel, “clear all” for refusing all existing bets, “remove” for arranging your chips and others.

There are various versions of roulette including the progressive one. If you want to win really huge money, you should choose this game with a side bet forming a progressive pool. If you will be lucky to bet on the same number and win it within five consecutive rounds, you will get winning! If you fail, your side bet will remain in that fund.