Go, where the system serves you best.

We help successful location-independent entrepreneurs, investors and expats to run their online business in better ways.


Save millions in personal income tax:Β By moving your tax-residency, you can save money and increase your wealth faster.Β A second citizenship can increase your mobility and protect you against systemic risks.

Where are the best banking options that make your life easier as an international traveler and keep your money safe? We tell you!

Business is about getting paid. We consult you on the best corporate setups for your business model, to save taxes,Β  open bank accounts, merchant accounts and payment processing.

We specialize on citizens from these jurisdictions

Who we help: Globally-mobile high earners


You running a six-figure online business, an agency, e-commerce, Amazon FBA,Β or anything else that works location independent.


You offer a remote personal service, for example as a consultant, a coach, a software developer or other kind of freelancer.


You invest in location-independent financial assets, such as stocks or cryptocurrencies.

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Some of our former clients

"Chris and the Globalization Guide team helped me to lower my overall tax-burden from 37% to 0%. I saved more than 100.000$ in the first year alone, while enjoying a much more luxurious lifestyle at the same time. Looking forward to 2019! Thanks a lot!"
David M.

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