Florida LLC Annual Report: Step by Step Guide on How to File It Online


LLC (Limited Liability Company) in Florida are required by law to file a number of documents and forms to the state every year, among these forms is the Annual Report. In this post, we will discuss some definitions, guide you through the process on How to File a Florida Limited Liability Company (LLC) annual report, … Read more


The Different Income Tax Systems Worldwide

An overview of the different tax systems These are the five primary tax systems in the world today: ⭐️ The citizenship-based taxation⭐️ The residential taxation⭐️ The territorial taxation⭐️ The non-dom-system⭐️ No direct taxes There is only one major country in the world that taxes their citizens based on their citizenship, the United States of America. … Read more

Strategies For Compliance For Perpetual Travelers

Financial institutions have to comply with many regulatory requirements.Often they require an address verification of their customers for KYC (know-your-customers) purposes. The so called “utility bill” has since become a de-facto standard for address verification.A utility bill is typically a monthly invoice that shows the consumption of utility services during the preceding month.Traditionally this relates … Read more