Colombia Shipping Service


Casillero Express is a colombian company that offers international purchasing and shipping services. Once you sign in for the service, they assign you a physical address in the United States and Europe, through which you can make all your purchases and international shipments. This service will allow you to minimize shipping costs to Colombia, offering competitive rates and benefits such as consolidation of packages, which allows you to send several products in a single shipment at a lower cost. You make purchases in your preferred online store using your physical address of Casillero Express, from that moment they are responsible for your package, which includes reception, storage, international shipping and customs procedures. Through their customs warehouse in Bogotá (Colombia) they nationalize your products and ship them to your address.

How does it works?

Once you have completed the registration process you will receive an email confirmation with the address information and your locker number. The purchases you make in the United States can be sent to your address in Miami and purchases in Europe can be sent to your address in Madrid. In addition, you can make purchases in stores in China. When the packages are in your locker, the company process and carry out the international shipment. They handle the customs process, nationalization of products and international shipping to your address.

Step by step process

  1. Go to and click on the “Crear casillero” tab, you will be redirected to a sign in form, fill it up and create an account with your email and password. You will receive an email confirmation with your address, locker number and login information.
  2. After this, all you have to do is use the info on the check out process during your purchase. Even though this is a P.O Box type of service, the company is not related to any postal company, which means that you’ll not have any problems with companies that not send to this type of mail services.
  3. Once you have received a shipping confirmation by the store you made the purchase at, you must log in into your Casillero account, click in “Prealerta”, then click in “Crear a Prealerta”, this is a form you fill with the order number, store name, description of the products, price of the products, tracking number, mail company and also attach a picture or screenshot of the items contained in the package. This is a method they use to verify that everything is correct and complete when they receive your package.
  4. You will be notified via email (sometimes they also text you via Whatsapp but is not common) once the company receives your package with some info of it and requesting you to login into your account to choose if you want to ship your package or if you want to wait for other one. The email content looks like this:
  5. If you choose to send your package, you must log in into your Casillero account and click on “Programar envios”, there you will find a list of all the packages that the company have received and that are currently at their warehouse, click in “Enviar instrucciones” and then select the packages you want to send.
  6. After this, you’ll receive via email the bill with the shipping fees explained and the total of it, then you will have to pay via PayPal using the account they provide you. Take a screenshot or resend the PayPal payment confirmation to the CS email provided by them.

And that’s it, you’ll receive your package within 4, maximum 10 days business days at the address you have registered on your account. You can track your package on their website using the tracking tool.


Type A / Express Shipments: by regulations of the National Tax Directorate and Customs of Colombia, the imported products must meet the following requirements to be accepted under the modality Postal Traffic / Express Shipments:

* Be products for personal use and not for commercial use.
* Have a maximum weight of 50 kilos (110 lbs) per shipment.
* Record a declared value of no more than US $ 2,000.

* Maximum six (6) units of the same reference for each shipment.

If the imported products do not meet these requirements, the shipment will change its modality to an “Ordinary Import” and will be subject to costs and penalties that may apply. In this case you will have to contact them through the email [email protected] if your shipment does not meet these requirements and they will advise you what to do, so you can ship it without problem.

Fees: the fees are calculated based on the weight of the packages, the minimum weight to charge is 10lbs for a cost of $25usd, $2.5usd additional lb and $2.5 per box insurance, this means that any package that goes from 0 to 10lbs is going to pay $25 (if you ship two books that weight 1lb or some christmas lights that weight 9lbs, you’re going to pay the same fee).

Payment method: all the bills are paid through PayPal in USD currency.


Is there any restriction to ship internationally?

  1. a) As a user of these services, you must always have knowledge of the goods considered dangerous or prohibited, thinking of ensuring the safety of all parties and preventing the cargo from being retained.
    b) It is important to clarify that it does not necessarily mean that the goods can not be shipped. There are simply products that require special processes and other methods of delivery made by authorized companies, in addition to having the guarantees and previous procedures both in origin and destination.

    c) Articles or substances that, when transported, can constitute a risk to the health and safety of property, people or the environment are usually classified as dangerous goods.

    d) In accordance with the International Code of Dangerous Goods (IMDG), all substances such as gas, liquids and solids that are inside a container, tank, container or vehicle due to their physical, chemical and property characteristics are considered dangerous. represent a danger.

    e) You must notify us if there are any products in your packages that could be classified as prohibited. In this way, at the time of receiving the packages, we will review the documents and the load and we will do the due feedback.

Are there any prohibited items to ship internationally?

There are prohibited and / or restricted products, such as:

* Perishable food without sanitary registration.
* Medications without formulation.
* Weapons or replicas (both fire and cold).
* Paintball Guns, Airsoft and its accessories.
* Chemical products and explosive liquids.
* Cocaine, morphine, marijuana, opium and other narcotics.
* Live or dead animals.
* Cash, jewelry and precious metals.
* Pornography.

Does all shipments pay taxes and custom fees?

No, the documents, for example, are exempt from the payment of nationalization taxes. In the same way the payment of taxes (VAT – 19%) and tariffs (% of the value of the product) will depend on the value and the tariff position of the imported products. Our service includes the process of customs intermediation and nationalization of products in Colombia. For more information you can write to [email protected].

What if I received a product I didn’t order or that doesn’t meet my quality expectation?

If you are within the return period (this is available on the page where you purchased the product), you can contact us and we will send it back, but the freight charge will be on your own.

Can I make personal shipments through your services?

Yes, you simply have to send them to your Casillero Express address in Miami or Madrid, along with the corresponding information: description of the merchandise, price and sender. In any situation you must do a ‘pre-alert’ through your profile on our website.

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