How To Open An N26 Bank Account – REMOTELY

N26 is one of the best “new” banks in Europe.

You can open an N26 account form

Requirements To Open A N26 Account

You will need a mailing address in a supported country (see list below)

You will need a supported ID document.

You will need a supported smartphone, running iOS 9 or Android 5 and higher.

The mailing address to receive your Mastercard can be in one of the following countries:
Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Slovakia, Greece, France, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia.

While any one of those countries works in theory, a mailing address in Germany seems to work the most reliable.

Step By Step Guide To Open The Account

You can open the account from your phone, no computer needed.

Step 1
Download the N26 app from the Appstore or Google Play Store.

Step 2
Register with your phone number and start the application process.

Step 3
Once the application process

Supported ID Documents

[su_spoiler title=”List of supported countries & documents”]

  • Algeria (Passport)
  • Argentina (Passport)
  • Austria (Passport & ID card)
  • Belgium (Passport & ID card)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (Passport)
  • Bulgaria (Passport)
  • Canada (Passport)
  • China (Passport)
  • Colombia (Passport)
  • Croatia (Passport & ID card)
  • Cyprus (Passport)
  • Czech Republic (Passport & ID card)
  • Denmark (Passport)
  • Egypt (Passport)
  • Estonia (Passport)
  • Finland (Passport & ID card)
  • France incl. oversea territories (Passport & ID card)
  • Germany (Passport & ID card)
  • Ghana (Passport)
  • Greece (Passport)
  • Hong Kong (Passport)
  • Hungary (Passport & ID card)
  • Iceland (Passport)
  • Ireland (Passport & ID card)
  • Italy (Passport & ID card)
  • Japan (Passport)
  • Jordan (Passport)
  • Kazakhstan (Passport)
  • Latvia (Passport & ID card)
  • Liechtenstein (ID card only)
  • Lithuania (ID card only)
  • Luxembourg (Passport & ID card)
  • Macao (Passport)
  • Malawi (Passport)
  • Malaysia (Passport)
  • Malta (Passport & ID card)
  • Mexico (Passport)
  • Morocco (Passport)
  • Netherlands (Passport & ID card)
  • New Zealand (Passport)
  • Nigeria (Passport)
  • Norway (Passport)
  • Peru (Passport)
  • Philippines (Passport)
  • Poland (Passport & ID card)
  • Portugal (Passport)
  • Romania (Passport)
  • Russia (Passport)
  • Serbia (Passport)
  • Singapore (Passport)
  • Slovakia (Passport & ID card)
  • Slovenia (Passport & ID card)
  • South Africa (Passport)
  • South Korea (Passport)
  • Spain (Passport & ID card)
  • Sweden (Passport & ID card)
  • Switzerland (Passport & ID card)
  • Thailand (Passport)
  • Turkey (Passport)
  • Ukraine (Passport)
  • United Kingdom (Passport)
  • United States of America (Passport)


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