Review: Krisp Best Noise Canceling Technology | Audio Improvement With AI

We bring you our Krisp review and how it enhances the audio quality in our devices, particularly for virtual meeting software and e-learning platforms. Of course, this not only applies to our work or study spaces but to connect with family and friends to keep our human relations flowing.

If you live alone, a harmonic workplace should not be difficult to achieve. Unless you live in an area where there is a busy street, a noisy building (like me) or you go to a coffee shop like Starbucks for your daily Mocca and muffing while using the WiFi for the day’s meetings to keep the workflow.

Social distancing has forced millions of companies and education facilities to take a leap of faith to run operations applying remote interaction from home, too. So let’s get down to business and let us talk about improving our video calls and devices.

Quarantining at home with company/family and coffee shop-like spaces can be a little bit tricky. Depending on where you set up your workstation, background noises are there to be part of your work meeting and maybe it is not a problem for you but it could be hard to understand what you say for the person on the other side of the screen. Believe me, for our team meetings we have experienced background noises in our calls and after a while, it can get annoying.

It wasn’t until Chris (Globalization Guide Founder) suggested it to use this app for our team meetings, that not only made his mic work like a pro device but it has a feature that can make the audio of the other person in the meeting sound very clear. After some of our daily meetings, I downloaded this app and definitely, our video call experience improved a lot. Here is a quick review and guide about Krisp Technology and how you can have the best experience for your calls.

What Is Krisp?

Krisp is a noise-canceling app that works with machine learning (AI) technology. This technology allows Krisp to improve its performance as it is used. It Identifies, analyzes and processes all the background noise that may interfere with your voice during a virtual meeting or with your online classes, later Krisp removes these noises in future updates.

In a nutshell, Krisp is constantly learning and developing with the help of AI and it gets better every time. This software allows communications to be clear and productive, especially in these quarantine times. In times of concern about data leakage, Krisp is an excellent option since voice processing happens directly on our device, therefore it does not upload the audio to any server nor does Krisp save it for internal consumption.


How Can I Use Krisp?

The software is compatible with 370 conferencing platforms and counting! From Desktop (Windows and Mac), you can download the software. Also, their most recent extension for Google Chrome is now available in the Chrome Store. In case you are the only one using it, you can turn on the speaker filter and automatically improve the audio from the call.

A mobile version is expected to be launched soon but we need to be patient since we are sure it will be great hopefully, this is very soon. You can download the most recent version Krisp for your device here.

How Krisps AI Machine Learning Works

Krisp uses machine learning to differentiate the unwanted parts of the audio signal coming in through the microphone, from the actual signal: The voice of the user. So far this technology has processed more than 20.000 noises that are analyzed as not relevant for clear voice in conferencing platforms. These data come from approximately more than 50.000 speakers who use Krisp and generate the information so the magic of machine learning happens.

The technology and developers are Deep Neural Network, these are the smart people who are in charge to improve Krisp and keep it updated and functioning at its best performance. Basically, Krisp puts a layer/filter between your physical microphone/speaker and conferencing apps, which doesn’t let any noise pass through.

Platforms and Setup

It’s an easy process, you don’t have to buy special devices or go through long processes. You only have to download Krips and go to the audio or voice settings of the selected app.


In the configuration, you must select Krisp as the main speaker, and voila! In less than 40 seconds you can talk and listen without background noise. You just have to activate it and communicate.


This amazing noise cancelation software can be used with A LOT of applications like Teams, Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and more. It also has a really useful function called Krisp Rooms, with which you can include all the interlocutors in the benefits of Krisp and they will be able to converse without annoying noises too.

When Can I Use Krisp?

With the rise of remote work, many people choose to go to Starbucks, coworking and other places to carry out their tasks in different types of environments. With Krisp you will no longer need a room just for you or move from place to place to communicate clearly. You can also make important calls without worrying about traffic noises, other people in the car or transportation and even if you are near a noisy construction in progress.

Krisp can be really useful for webinars, conferences and consulting services. This type of work requires absolute clarity, not only at the time of the conversation but also because on many occasions they are recorded and it’s important that all the information can be clearly understood.


Apart from the free plan, you have Krisp payment plans that meet the needs of users and organizations. The Pro plan is perfect for freelancers. It can be used in 3 devices and it costs only 3.33 $ per month.

The Teams and Enterprise plans are great for organizations with one or more remote work teams. With the Teams plan, the admins can manage the members, it can be deployed centrally and the billing is also centralized and with priority support. It costs 3.33 $ per user per month. The Enterprise plan is the biggest, it has the features of the Teams plan but the pricing depends on the necessities of the company and the support is 24/7.

Krisp weekly downloads increased to more than +600%. The coronavirus pandemic forced many companies to transfer their work to remote mode. From March and for the next 6 months, there are some changes to the pricing.

  • Krisp introduces a free plan of 120min/week of free noise cancelation.
  • All students, teachers, hospital and government workers, worldwide, get unlimited Krisp for free.
  • Krisp Pro and Teams plans are 30% off. The new price is $40/year and $5/month.

In conclusion, with this tool I feel less stressed about communicating with the rest of the team and the conversation with clients flows more clearly.

Level up your work with Krisp!

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